November 2016

On this week’s ParshaCast I talk funeral practices ancient and modern with Kavod v’Nichum’s David Zinner. Then I explore the meaning of camels and introduce a great way to get some sweet ParshaCast Swag.

Kavod v’Nichum can be found on the web at

National Geographic has a wonderful article on whether there were camels in ancient Israel during biblical times.

As this election (hopefully) draws to a close this evening, I have some requests for everyone posting on social media as the results come in:

Remember that the tiny square picture and block of text on your screen represents a living, breathing, human.

Remember that this human can be hurt by your words.

Remember that you can survive even if someone on the internet is wrong.

Remember that while you may disagree Рstrongly Р with something this human being has written online over the past day, month, or year, that we are all creations of God, each of us unique, each of us a special spark that can help light the world.

Remember that since the Divine lacks a physical form we represent the Divine presence in all that we do.

So, please, don’t waste the time you have on this Earth with public gloating.

Please don’t waste the gift that is life by posting that picture or meme that, while funny, is more about meanness than about satire.

Please don’t write anything that you would not want to say to someone were you sitting across the table from each other in a public place.

Please don’t respond to insults in kind, no matter how much your selfish inclination is egging you on.

Please try to flex your empathic muscles instead of your cynical ones.

Please try to bring people to your table instead of pushing them away.

Please do all this, both for Heaven’s Sake, and for our own.